Chlorella is a green algae. The name Chlorella derives from two Latin words meaning 'leaf' (green) and 'small', referring to the unusually high content of chlorophyll (the highest of any known plant) which gives Chlorella its characteristic deep emerald-green color. Algae are a group of one-celled plants, containing no true root, stem or leaf. This particular fresh-water, single celled microscopic plant contains a host of health building nutrients. In addition to chlorophyll it contains vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, nucleic acids, amino acids, enzymes, CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor) and other substances. Under the favorable growth conditions of strong sunlight, pure water and clean air, Chlorella multiplies at an incredible rate, the complete reproduction cycle taking less than 24 hours. Our Chlorella is produced in China by Wudi Fengtai Aquaculture Co.,Ltd the world's long term producer of Chlorella Pyrenoidosa.


Composition of Chlorella

Composition & Content
Vitamin B1 1 - 3mg Hisidine 1.20%
Vitamin B2 4 - 6mg Arginine 3.67%
Vitamin A 19.8mg Apartic Acid 5.21%
Vitamin B6 1 - 3mg Threonine 2.80%
Vitamin B12 0.01 - 0.03mg Lysine 4.90%
Vitamin C 30 - 150mg Glutanic Acid 6.67%
Vitamin E 24.9mg Proline 2.81%
Potassium 1000mg Glycine 3.36%
Phosphorus 895mg Alanine 4.55%
Sodium 57.5mg Cysteine 0.79%
Magnesium 314mg Phenylaline 2.91%
Iron 204mg Methionine 1.30%
Calcium 327mg Leucine 5.07%
Zinc 71 Isoleucine 2.23%
Beta Carotone 119mg Serince 2.37%
Arsenic 1ppm Aspartic Acid 5.21%
Chlorophyll 3,000 - 4,500mg Tryptophan 1.18%
Moisture 6.20gm Valine 3.23%
Ash Content 5.00gm
Protein 58 - 60gm
Fat 9.3gm
Fiber 0.3gm